April 19, 2024

Nashville Public Library and Its Staff Celebrated at Metro Council Meeting

April 19, 2024 

[Nashville, TN] – Metro Council unanimously passed a resolution on April 2, 2024, recognizing National Library Week and honoring the volunteers and staff of Nashville Public Library. The resolution expresses appreciation for the dedication of Nashville Public Library staff who work tirelessly to serve the community and promote literacy, lifelong learning and community connection across Metro Nashville.   

To celebrate the presentation of this important resolution on April 16, 2024, Vice Mayor Angie Henderson, Council Member Brenda Gadd, and dozens of Library staff, volunteers and supporters gathered in the Historic Courthouse & City Hall prior to the presentation to mark this momentous occasion.    

“We are proud to honor Nashville Public Library and its staff for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to providing equitable access to information, resources and educational opportunities that enrich the lives of all residents,” said Council Member Gadd, who introduced the resolution that was co-sponsored by 22 other members.  

Vice Mayor Henderson took the opportunity to recognize Alfreda Miguel, outreach/programming coordinator, whom she had met at the Bordeaux Branch Library this winter and thanked her for organizing 39 library programs throughout the city in honor of Library Outreach Day on April 10.   

“Libraries are at the heart of what we do in government in so many ways. Alfreda is one of many appreciated librarians and staff members who are welcoming and providing support, comfort and knowledge to people of all ages and stages of life here in Nashville,” Henderson said.  

“We are just so happy to be here tonight, celebrating all the joy and goodness that the Library brings – and celebrating the Library as a place that brings people together,” Library Board Chair Joyce Searcy said.  

In closing, Searcy thanked Vice Mayor Henderson and Council Member Gadd “… for seeing what I see in the people who make NPL work.”  

The excited crowd filled the Council Chamber, which became quiet when Interim Director Terri Luke and all representatives of NPL were invited to stand alongside members of the Council’s Public Facilities, Arts & Culture Committee, to be presented with the resolution.   

The room erupted with cheering and applause when Luke accepted the resolution, but the celebration was not over.   

“It’s a privilege to work at an organization that is so embraced by the community. And I personally appreciate you recognizing our dedicated staff, volunteers, and Library supporters this evening,” Luke said. “Now, it’s time for us to thank you.”  

Luke introduced Carlos Shivers, branch manager at the Richland Park branch, who presented Council Member Gadd with an envelope filled with thank you cards and hearts that were written by library patrons in District 24.   

“Last week was National Library Week, and the Library Foundation hosted a Thank-a-Thon letter-writing campaign at all our locations, so that we could present everyone in Council with letters from our customers. Each of you has an envelope of these notes on your desks, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you,” Luke said.  

Over 700 messages were collected from library-lovers of all ages across the city during the Take Action for Libraries Day Thank-a-Thon. Each one communicated the sentiment that Nashville Public Library is a cherished community treasure.   

For more information about the Metro Council’s resolution celebrating Nashville Public Library and its staff, please contact Kristi Graham at Kristi.graham@nplf.org.   

About Nashville Public Library Foundation  

Since its creation in 1997, the Nashville Public Library Foundation (NPLF) has raised over $68 million from individuals and organizations to fund, advocate, and amplify Nashville Public Library to power literacy, life skills, and connection for all.   

To learn more about the Nashville Public Library Foundation, visit nplf.org.   

About Nashville Public Library  

With more than two million books, movies and music items to choose from, plus support to learn to read or read more at any age. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to NPL to build their STEAM, ESL and digital skills; experience story time and puppetry; or visit the library’s Civil Rights Room and Votes for Women space each year, bringing to life NPL’s philosophy that books are only half the story at Nashville’s library.   

For more information about the Nashville Public Library and its services, visit library.nashville.org.   

Library Board Chair, Joyce Searcy, wraps up the celebration with final remarks of appreciation to Metro Council.
Interim Library Director, Terri Luke, praises NPL staff and thanks Metro Council for recognizing staff’s efforts.

(L-R) Interim Library Director, Terri Luke, Council Member Brenda Gadd, Vice Mayor Angie Henderson, Council Member Joy Styles, Library Board Chair, Joyce Searcy, Council Member Terry Vo, and Council Member Clay Capp.
Council Member Jeff Preptit reads a section of the resolution honoring NPL.

Council Members, NPL staff, and library supporters gather to recognize the important contributions of the Library and its staff on Metro Nashville.

Photo credit: Rebecca Stone, f-StoneFoto 

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