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After School Programs

Launched by former mayor Karl Dean, Nashville After Zone Alliance ( NAZA) was the result of a citywide task force looking to address the “three-to-six” crisis, the period of time after school ends but before some caregivers are able to get home, leaving students unsupervised. NAZA supports local providers to give students a safe place to enrich their lives with high quality activities and initiatives.

Special Collections

The Civil Rights Room and Votes for Women room are critical spaces for helping our community understand the pivotal roles we’ve played to create more rights for all Americans. These collections allow Nashville to explore the past to achieve a more equitable future. Both spaces routinely host programming and house specific collections dedicated to the fight for civil rights in our country and the fight for women’s suffrage.


Digital Inclusion

The Library’s Digital Inclusion program provides adults with education on today’s technological devices and applications. Classes help adults feel comfortable and grow their digital skills, and devices provide critical access—oftentimes to seniors—to allow them to stay connected and receive the services that they need, such as telehealth.