Support Level

Gifts made from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020

Gifts of more than $100,000

Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Margaret Ann and Walter Robinson Foundation
Mary Elizabeth Nelson*
Network of the National Library of Medicine
Sandra Schatten Foundation

Gifts of $25,000 to $99,000

America’s Promise Alliance
Barge Design Solutions
Joanne G. Cato*
Dan and Margaret
Maddox Charitable Fund
Josephine and John Darwin*
Dollar General
First Horizon
Carol and Robert Frist, Carol K. and Robert A. Frist, M.D. Fund*+
Google Fiber
Barbara Haynes*
Lucy and Jeff Haynes*
Marlene and Spencer
Hays Foundation*
HCA Foundation
Joan and John Hindle
Ingram Content Group
Stephanie and John R. Ingram, John R. Ingram Advised Fund+
Martha R. Ingram, Martha Rivers Ingram Advised Fund*+
Institute of Museum and Library Services
The James Stephen Turner Family Foundation
Juli and Ralph Mosley*
Nashville Adult Literacy Council
Jeanie Nelson and Will Martin*
The Nissan Foundation
Jennifer and Eric Paisley, Rechter Family Fund*+
Victoria and William Pao*
Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
PNC Bank
Joan and Ben Rechter, Rechter Family Fund+*
Truist Foundation
Judy and J. Stephen Turner*
Laura Anne Turner*
Vanderbilt University
Katy Varney and Dave Goetz, The Clearview Fund*+
Mary and Alex Wade*
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
West End Home Foundation

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Advance Financial Foundation
AEG Community Foundation
Cassidy and Dierks Bentley, RISER Foundation*
The Blakney Foundation
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Ann and Frank Bumstead*
Anita Cochran*
Community Partnership Fund
Anne Davis and Karl Dean, Anne Davis and Karl Dean Advised Fund*+
Anne and Bob Doolittle*
Annette Eskind*
Donna and Jeffrey Eskind*
Genesco Inc.
Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
Lillias and William Johnston*
Patty and Jeff Marvel
MP&F Strategic Communications
Keith and Jon Meacham*
Marian T. Ott, The Philip Family Advised Fund*+
Shirley and Stuart W. Speyer, Shirley and Stuart Speyer Family Fund*+
Nancy and Robert Wahl*
The Willard R. and Frances J. Hendrix Foundation*
Jerry and Ernest Williams, The Enchridion Foundation*

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Aon Corporation
Melinda and Jeff Balser*
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jean Ann and Barry Banker*
Bass, Berry & Sims
Margaret Behm and Harlan Dodson*
Big Events, Inc.
Bonnaroo Works Fund
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Cathy and Martin Brown*
Melinda and John Buntin
Clare and Robin Clarke
Lori and William J. Collins+
The Honorable Jim and Martha Cooper
Heathie and Chip Cox
Sondra and Doug Cruickshanks*
Katie and Kevin Crumbo*
Dowdle Construction, LLC
Laura J. Dugas*
Economic Club of Nashville
Edgehill Village Neighborhood Association
Kate and Steven Ezell*
Jamie and Billy Eskind, William H. Eskind Advised Fund*+
Kim and David Esquivel*
Elizabeth and David Fox*
Karyn McLaughlin Frist, Karyn McLaughlin Frist Fund+
Giarratana Development, LLC
Kailey and JR Hand
Hastings Architecture, LLC
Barbara and Gary Haugen, Richards Family Advised Fund+
HCA|TriStar Health System
Leslie and Charles Higgins*
Marilyn and Kem Hinton
Vicki and Rick Holton*
Humanities Tennessee
JC Garrett Family Foundation
Joe C. Davis Foundation
Mary Leyden and Torry Johnson, Aladdin Industries Foundation, Inc.*
Corinne and Brock Kidd
Robin and Bill King*
Alan Kulkin, Carolyn Kulkin Fund+
Lipman Brothers
Nancy Maclean
Maxine and Frank Majors
Kaaren and Ben May*
Sandra McLeroy*+
Ann Meador and Jonathan Shayne, Shayne Foundation*
Melkus Family Foundation*
Lindsey and Tyson Moore*
Nashville Predators Foundation
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLC
Parnassus Books, LLC
Joelle and Brant Phillips*
Jennifer and Gus Puryear*
Cynthia Ragan and Jerry Martin
The Ryman Hospitality Properties Foundation
Kathryn and Gray Sasser
Susannah and Zulu Scott-Barnes*
Kerry Brock and John Seigenthaler
Jacqueline Shrago*
Joanne Sowell*
Brenda and Joe Steakley, The Steakley Family Fund*+
Christi and Jay Turner*
Aleta and Byron Trauger*
UBS Private Wealth Management
Linde and Blair Wilson*

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Vandana and Rick Abramson
Amy and Kenneth Adams
The Andrews Agency
Sue Adams Andrews*
The Association for Moving Image Archivists
Allison and John Beasley*
Belmont University
Claudia and Gordon Bonnyman*
Boulevard Bolt
Lou Ann and Gary Brown
Iris Buhl, Buhl Family Advised Fund*+^
Tricia and Ben Carswell*
Caterpillar Financial Services
Scott Chambers, Scott C. Chambers Fund*+
Marie Griffin and Bob Coffey*
Fletch and William Coke
Mayor John and Laura Cooper
Laurie and Steven Eskind*
Emily and Jan Freitag*
Elizabeth and Bryan Frist, The Elizabeth and Bryan E. Frist Fund+
Jennifer and Billy Frist Julie and Tommy F. Frist*
Phran and Joe C. Galante*
Martha and Jim Gingrich*
Gwen and Frank Gordon*
Julie and Bob Gordon
Jane and Brevard Haynes*
Kelli and Dave Haywood
Cathy and Clay Jackson*
Ann and Owen Kelly*
Paige and Matthew Kisber*
Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint
Ann Marie and Martin McNamara
Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
NASBA-National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
National Film Preservation Foundation
Anne and Tommy Nesbitt, Jr.*
Donna and Jerry Nicely*
Oakpoint Real Estate
Reco Foundation*
Emmie and Stephen Rick
Kate and Eric Satz*
Elaina H. Scott*
Amy Seigenthaler and Tim Pierce
Marietta Shipley*
Patti and Brian Smallwood*
Beth and John Stein*
Rebecca and Michael Swan*
Ellen and Joseph Torrence*
Jan van Eys*
Sarah and Stephen Ward*
WME Entertainment
Joyce and Stephen Wood*
Zander Insurance

Gifts of $1,500 to $2,499

Jennifer and Mark Aaron
Ronette Adams-Taylor and Lawrence Taylor
Beth A. Alexander*
Beth and Dave Alexander*
Honey and Lamar Alexander*
Robin and Gary Anderson*
Christina and Mike Apperson
Grace and Carl Awh*
Sallie B. Bailey*
Shawn and Jeremy Bakker*
Baulch Family Foundation*
Barbara Bell*
Mimi Bliss and Dwayne Barrett*
Julie and Frank Boehm
Sylvia and Doug Bradbury*
Martha and Stephen Braun*
Debbie and Summer Bryan*
Nancy J. Brown and Andrew L. May
Wyeth and Ed Burgess*
Jeanie and Bill Cammack*
Trudy and Bill Carpenter*
Esther Casstevens
Raja and Geoffrey Clark
Victoria and Bruce Claycombe
Sandy and Don Cochran*
Christy Cole*
Amy and Jesse Colton, Colton Family Advised Fund*+
Marty and Jim Conrad*
Ashley and Joe Cook*
Mary and Charlie Cook, Charles W. Cook, Jr. Advised Fund*+
Laura and Brad Currie*
Ann and Tom Curtis*
Donna Dalton and Luke Froeb*
Adelaide Davis*
Caroline A. Davis*
Suann and Ralph Davis*
Bill Denny*
Rebecca Diggs*
Cindy and Baird Dixon
Bonnie Dow*
Marilyn A. Dubree*
Vincent Durnan Jr.
Missy and John Eason*
Lisa and Matthew Eckert*
Bebe and Frank Evans
Carole and John Ferguson*
Brian Fitzpatrick*
Karen and Gene Fleming*
Tish Fort*
Tracy and Keith Frazier*
Melissa and Robert Frist, Jr.*
Stephanie Fulbright
Deana and Fred Goad*
Bernice and Joel Gordon
Lynn and W.L. Gray*
Gary S. Gutow
Connie and Carl Haley*
Meg and Alexander Harris*
Amber and Phil Hertik*
Tina and Mike Hodges
Robin Holab-Abelman and Stephen Abelman*
Debbie and Don Holmes*
Ad Hudler, Hudler Family Fund*+
Tari and Jim Hughes*
Paula DeWitt Hughey*
Helen and Alex Jahangir
Cathy and Jerry Johnson*
Denice and Milton Johnson, R. Milton and Denice Johnson Family Advised Fund*+
Natasha Kamrani and Chris Barbic
Cassie and Charles Kelly
Sherrilyn Kenyon*
Carol and Howard Kirshner*
Heloise Kuhn, Heloise Werthan Kuhn Scholarship Fund*+
Kristine LaLonde and Claudio Mosse*
Elizabeth W. Lane*
Edward D. Lanquist*
Ellen and John Lea IV*
Little Art House
Susan Mackie
Mark Magnuson and Steve Westfield*
Cheryl W. Mason*
Pat Matthews-Juarez*
Conn and Betty McConnell, Betty and Conn McConnell Charitable Fund+
Julia McCown*
Carol McCoy*
Katherine and James McElroy*
Heather Fairbank and Rusty Miller*
Marlee Mitchell*
Trish and Chris Mixon*
Dianne and Kent Oliver*
Marguerite and Kevin Orndorff*
Libby and Ben Page*
Kimberly and Brad Paisley*
Joann Palazzo
Elizabeth and Larry Papel*
Pam and Phil Pfeffer*
Nancy and Keith Phillips*
William Polk
Carol Len and Scott Portis, The Portis Family Fund*+
Leah Cannon Portis, The Portis Family Fund*+
Sylvia Rapoport*
Gayle Ray
Brenda and Colin Reed, Brenda and Colin Reed Advised Fund+
Margaret and Brian Roark*
Anne and Charles Roos
Jim Sasser
Karen and Eric Saul*
Tara Scarlett and Michael Peacock*
Laurie and James Seabury
Harriett and Robert Sewell*
Joan Shayne, The Blum Family Foundation*
Dana and Tom Sherrard
Caroline and Gary Shockley*
Sign Club Co
Susan and W. Lucas Simons*+
Allison and Arthur Smith
Susan and Anderson Spickard*
Julia and Justin Spickard
Hope Stringer*
Cecelia and Patrick Theobald*
Urban Grub
Ann Patchett and Karl VanDevender
Jessica and Dan Viner*
Elizabeth C. Walls, Colton Family Advised Fund*+
Janice and E.W. Wendell*
Women Obstetrics and Gynecology
Melissa and Chris Wyatt
Mandy and Stephen Young*
Pam Zimmerman*
Mary Zutter and Sam Santoro*

Gifts of $1,000 to $1,499

12 South Dental Studio
Dominique Arrieta
Meera Ballal and Seenu Reddy
Bank of America Foundation
Megan and Bruce Barry
Shanna and Anthony Belott
Jennifer and Lewis Borden
Kate Brady
Mary Lea and Rick Bryant
Daphne and Rawls Butler
Nicky and Jim Cheek
Jane F. Corcoran
Delek Fund for Hope
Susan Edwards
Courtney and James Fitzgerald
Karlen and Louis Garrard
Shari and Eric Green
Kevin Hageman
Anna Hemnes and Jacob Schwarz
Jacob Hill
Kay and Stephen Horrell
Angie and Chris Howard
Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation
Brian Jackson and Roger Moore
Sally and Thomas Kanaday
Margaret Kelly
Emily and Will Kendrick
Susan Kupisch
Ellen Eskind Lehman, Lehman Family Fund +
Amanda and Carter Little
Brooks and Bert Mathews
Roochita and Abhishek Mathur
Kate and Todd McKee
Pat Meadows, James R. Meadows, Jr. Foundation
Ray Meneely
Lise and Will Morrow
Christopher Ott
Robin and Richard Patton, The Patton Advised Fund+
David Pruett
Kathy and Robert Rolfe
Alice and Michael Rolli
Carolyn Schott
Carole and John Sergent
Rebecca and Ashish Shah
Melissa Smith and Edwin Williamson
Sandra and William T. Spitz
Douglas Stolman
Perian and Samuel Strang
Kerstin and William Sund-Meyer
Carolyn and Steve Taylor
Ellen and John Tighe
Linda and Alexander Waddell
Melissa and Jay Wellons
Joni P. Werthan
W. Ridley Wills
* Denotes membership in the Carnegie Society
+ Through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
^ Deceased