October 5, 2023

Make Your Voice Heard on the FY24 Capital Budget

At Nashville Public Library Foundation, we envision a library system that is welcoming, well-functioning, and well-maintained. One that provides equitable access to library services and spaces throughout the city. In short, a library system that is well funded.

Unfortunately, Nashville Public Library is far from that reality. Due to historic underfunding and long overdue investments in our library’s infrastructure, there are twelve Metro Districts with outdated, ill-equipped, and inadequately sized library branches.

At the end of this month, newly elected Mayor O’Connell and Metro Council will be voting on the city’s FY2024 Capital Budget. Now is the time they need to hear from you that every Nashville community deserves access to the best NPL has to offer, and that requires their vote to fully fund NPL’s FY24 Capital Improvement Budget.

Will you reach out to your council member, as well as the at-large members, with your library story and ask for full funding for NPL? Links to the information you need are below.

Together, we can get closer to our vision of a welcoming, well-maintained, well-functioning, and well-funded library system that is accessible to all.

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Click here for a sample script to personalize and send to your council member and our at-large members. 

Click here for 2023-2026 Council Member Roster – the Metro website has not been updated with the newly elected members

Capital Budget Priority Branches and Districts

New Richland Park Branch – Councilmembers Brenda Gadd (24), Rollin Horton (District 20)

  • Most underserved community area in Nashville by population
  • Current library constructed in 1961 with 6,845 sq. ft.
  • Top ten in customer check out of library materials

New Hadley Park Branch – Councilmember Brandon Taylor (District 21)

  • Current library constructed in 1952 with 5,253 sq. ft.
  • Digital and transportation divide
  • Large number of underserved neighborhoods
  • Would be first modern, large library in North Nashville

New Edgehill Branch – Councilmember Terry Vo (District 17)

  • Current library constructed in 1967 with 4,451 sq. ft.
  • Smallest independent building
  • Population increased 41% from 2010 to 2020

New Thompson Lane Branch – Councilmember Ginny Welsch (District 16)

  • Current library constructed in 1965 with 5,501 sq. ft.
  • Largest Hispanic population
  • Digital and transportation divide
  • Large number of underserved neighborhoods

Hermitage (full renovation) – Councilmember Erin Evans (District 12), Russ Bradford (District 13), Jordan Huffman (District 14)

  • Built in 2000
  • Top ten in customer check out of materials
  • Serving expanding New Americans population

Green Hills (full renovation) – Councilmembers Tom Cash (District 18), Sandy Ewing (District 34), Jeff Preptit (District 25)

  • Built in 2000
  • Leads system in check out of customer materials

New Murfreesboro/Briley Branch – Councilmember Russ Bradford (District 13)

New Smith Springs Branch (Antioch) – Councilmember Tasha Ellis (District 29)

  DistrictProject Title/DescriptionSQ FTCSP Request
24New Richland Park Branch Library25,000$32,368,000
21New Hadley Park Branch Library20,000$21,894,000
17New Edgehill Branch Library25,000$25,000,000
16New Thompson Lane Branch Library – Land Acquisition25,000$ 3,000,000
14Hermitage Branch Renovation25,330$4,306,100
25Green Hills Branch Renovation25,540$4,341,800
13New Murfreesboro Road/Briley Parkway Branch Library –Land Acquisition25,000$ 4,500,000
29New Smith Springs Branch (Antioch)– Land Acquisition25,000$3,000,000
 TOTAL $98,409,900

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Help Our Community Thrive By Making A One-Time Donation