May 24, 2024

The Power of Unconventional Giving 


What if you stumbled upon something in your home that could be repurposed to benefit your community? This was the case for Anne Paine, who recently made a remarkable contribution by donating a rare 1903 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Gold Jefferson Proof Dollar Coin, one of only 10 known to still be in its original frame. A piece of history that had been passed down for generations and sat tucked away in a cabinet will now be auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting Nashville Public Library. 

Anne is a staunch advocate for the preservation of public spaces. When considering what to do with the coin, she believed there was no better use than to give back to her community by investing in the library. 

Anne became intimately familiar with Nashville Public Library during her tenure as a reporter for The Tennessean. Her connection to Nashville Public Library Foundation grew stronger through her niece-in-law, Kristin Paine, who serves on the Foundation board, and her nephew, Carter Paine, who played an integral role in organizing last year’s literary award gala by serving as two of its co-chairs. 

This is not Anne’s first contribution to NPL. She previously organized a Ukulele Jam at the Bellevue Library, drawing over 100 attendees. Following the event’s success, she generously donated 20 ukuleles to various branches for patrons to check out. Anne’s passion for music is evident, and in her spare time, she performs in a musical trio called The Fury’s. 

Anne emphasizes, “I urge all Nashvillians to support our amazing library system however they can, with volunteer time or gifts. Donations make you feel good, and I feel wonderful about giving to NPLF.” 

Anne’s story and her generous donation serve as an inspiring example of unconventional giving. If you’re interested in making a similar impact, please reach out to  

Help Our Community Thrive By Making A One-Time Donation

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Help Our Community Thrive By Making A One-Time Donation