Popular Materials

Sought-After Releases

Popular materials, where the newest and most-sought-after releases are showcased, may be the most bustling section in any library. An array of the latest materials is essential to generate excitement for readers.

Special Collections

Preserving Nashville’s History

Special collections  document chapter after chapter of Nashville’s unique life. By archiving and preserving oral histories and historic materials, expanding programming and mounting new exhibits, the Special Collections Division links the present with the city’s distinguished heritage. The Civil Rights Room portrays Nashville’s pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement and each year serves as a focal point for Nashville’s celebration of African American History Month.

Movies and Music

A Full Media Library

Movies and music are available free to patrons in many forms and genres. Everything from recent blockbuster releases to Hollywood classics to hard-to-find independent productions to documentaries can be found on DVD. The library has an equally broad variety of music – check out a CD or download songs from the library website right to your device.

Books and Other Materials

More Than 2 Million Cataloged Books

Nashville Public Library has more than 2 million cataloged books and other items available system wide, and in ever-increasing digital forms. Not long ago a book cost the library around $17; today in all the required formats it can cost as much $250. Gifts to NPLF help expand the library’s vast collection of resources made available to the public.