Institutional Giving

Institutional Sponsorship & Grants

Institutional partners are crucial to the fulfillment of the library’s mission, providing significant support for our strategic priorities. Partnerships with NPLF demonstrate a commitment to education, culture and economic development tin our city and also help sponsors meet their business and philanthropic objectives – all while providing rewarding experiences to clients, customers and employees. Sponsoring the Library’s programs and events is an effective marketing and business development tool. It offers you the opportunity to reach a broad audience that includes families, young professionals, community leaders and more. Since every company has different objectives, Library sponsors benefit from a customized package that meets their particular needs.

Benefits may include but are not limited to:

  • • Digital and print recognition across 21 locations and partner organizations
  • • Press outreach and public relations coordination
  • • Access to exclusive events and a community of influential donors and policymakers
  • • Employee engagement opportunities like volunteer activities and participation in NPL’s variety of lifelong learning events

To view a list of our generous corporate supporters, click here.

To learn more about how your organization can support the Nashville Public Library through foundation grants, corporate sponsorship and/or employee volunteer opportunities, please contact us below.