Etta Mann

3rd grade student, avid reader and library lover

Etta Mann is a precocious, 9-year-old with a deep love for books, the arts and the Nashville Public Library. She’s memorized just about every title and author in the Children’s department and has big ideas for libraries of the future.

An avid reader, Etta has been coming to Nashville Public Library since she was one year old and has narrowed down her favorite puppet shows to Anansi the Spider, Many Moons and Sky Bear. It’s shows like these that have inspired her to become a Broadway actress, and from what we can tell, she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

We sat down with Etta to learn not only what she is reading (she has already compiled a reading list for when she gets older), but also to learn why she loves the library so much and how it’s helped her become the gifted girl she is today.

Why do you like coming to the Nashville Public Library?

I like coming to the library because everyone is always so nice and helpful and they help me find whatever books I want. It’s like the library magically gets all of these books and they are just for me. I always find good books to check out here and love reading the Harry Potter and Sew Zoey series. I can’t wait to read Princess Diaries when I’m a bit older.

Do you like to read in the summer?

Oh yes. Coming to the library in the summer is my favorite thing to do. I like it because it’s air conditioned and because there are so many things for us to do here. And because reading is a lot better than watching TV (except for movies based on books – some of those are pretty good). I like to read because when I’m reading, singing or doing something like that, I feel like nothing can stop me.

What would you do if you didn’t have access to the Nashville Public Library in the summer?

If I didn’t have the library I’d be very sad. I would plead to my school library and beg them to let me check out more books in the summer. Or maybe I would beg my parents to get me a smartphone to read on my phone. Reading and singing are my favorite things to do.

I hear you have some good ideas for libraries of the future…

I’d like for you to read Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein. It’s about the best library in the world (except this one) and they have Hover Ladders that help you get all the books that are too high to reach. I can’t reach all the books because I’m not tall enough, but if we had Hover Ladders we could make the books go all the way to the ceiling! They also have the Electronic Learning Center which includes a smell-a-rama machine and a space shuttle simulator.


I like to read because when I’m reading, singing or doing something like that, I feel like nothing can stop me.