Nashville Thought-Readers

An exclusive look at the books fueling Nashville’s leaders.
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bookletThe Nashville Thought-Readers Fall ’16 Edition

As our Nashville community continues to thrive, it’s more important than ever to stay sharp and learn from the best. The Nashville Thought-Readers series shares exclusive insights into the books influencing the leaders of our great city, and the responses may surprise you!

In this edition you’ll discover:

The book that helped CEO of c3/consulting, Beth Chase, determine what is really required for sustainable change for her client base.

What Steve Turner, founder of Marketstreet Enterprises, learned from one of the greatest men of the 20th century.


The adventure novel that fueled the imagination of John Stein, President-Tennessee of Bank of America.


The most bizarre book Lucia Folk, VP of Public Affairs for CMT has ever read.


The book that reminds Marty Dickens, former President of AT&T Tennessee that when we live a life that gives our time, talent and treasure, we are the ones who are blessed.


And more.


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