The Big Payback

May 3, 2017

Help us send 35 local teens to our Studio NPL Summer Camps!

Thank you to all who supported us during the Big Payback. Together, we raised more than $5,500 to help send teens to our Studio NPL summer camps! But we still have a ways to go to meet our goal of $14,000. Give now!

Pay it Forward with the Big Payback

This Big Payback, help us pay it forward and build a brighter tomorrow for our community. Give now to provide technology-based summer camps for local teens through the Nashville Public Library’s Studio NPL. Your donation will provide a safe place for Davidson County teens to go during their summer break to work with professional mentors and learn exciting new skills like audio production, robotics, coding and 3D design.

Give now to help us raise $14,000. These funds will allow 35 local teens to attend our Studio NPL Summer Camps! With your help, these lucky kids will discover new talents, gain confidence and learn vital digital literacy skills that are key to higher education and lifelong success.

Hosted by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the Big Payback is a 24-hour, online giving event that invites the Nashville community to come together and support the life-changing work of local nonprofit organizations like NPLF.

The Dollars and SENSE

Help make a sensible investment in the future leaders of our community. Your donation will help us provide free, mentor-led summer programs to local teens.

$25 – Help Teens Find Their Voice
Pay for an hour of “studio time” in our state-of-the-art recording studios. Teens work with mentors to learn audio recording and production, then book time to lay down their own tracks or mix and master their debut album.

$50 – Turn Ideas into Reality
Support our 3D printing courses by providing filament for our 3D Printers. Teens use these printers to turn their creations into reality with the latest technologies.

$75 – Open Doors to the Future
Help teens learn how to design, build, and code robotic devices with a ‘Get Started with Coding’ kit.

$100 – Teach Problem Solving ‘Bit by Bit’
Buy a ‘Little Bits Kit,’ which helps teens exercise their creativity while learning about electronic engineering and problem solving.

$150 – Provide Valuable Role Models
Support a professional mentor for a day. Our Studio mentors are local designers, artists and musicians who motivate our teens to venture out of their comfort zones and become self-directed learners.

$250 – Connect Teens with Real World Opportunities
Pay for a teen to attend one of our two-day intensives, where they can test their skills at design or stop motion animation.

$400 – Send a teen to camp for a whole week!
Through our summer camps, and year-round programs, Studio NPL helps teens achieve personal growth, learn future job skills and exercise creativity and critical thinking that will lead to lifelong success.